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Re: How to restore the layout?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: How to restore the layout?
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2013 12:57:49 +0200

>> (3) Hitting M-f10 makes my frame appear maximized with title and
>>      decorations visible and the maximize button enabled.  Hitting M-f10
>>      again restores the previous appearance.
> I see the same thing, except for this part of #3: "and the maximize
> button enabled".  For me, M-10 has does not change the state of the
> maximize button.

That's what I meant.  In a normal frame the maximize button is enabled.
Hit M-f10 and the maximize button is still enabled.

> And in fact, if I click the button, so that the frame is maximized and
> the button changes to the selected state (overlapping frames icon),
> M-f10 then leaves the icon the same and the frame maximized.  A second
> M-f10 at that point restores (demaximizes) the frame but leaves the
> icon showing that it is maximized.  At that point, clicking the button
> has no effect except to change the icon to deselected (single frame icon).

This happens because M-f10 and hitting the button are unaware of each
other.  M-f10 tries to emulate maximization by making the frame cover
the entire workarea.  Clicking the maximize button does more or less the
same but (1) also drops the outer frame borders and (2) enables the
restore size button.


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