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RE: How to restore the layout?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: How to restore the layout?
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 08:32:45 -0700 (PDT)

>  > OK, but isn't one difference that fullscreen does not include borders
>  > (including title bar)?  That is what I see here: no borders.
> If you maximize another application on your system, do you see any
> borders?  I don't here.

On MS Windows, clicking the maximize button in the title bar (or maximizing
in some other way) makes the window take up the full screen space, but still
with its borders, including the title bar.  Maximize and "fullscreen" are not
the same thing, AFAIK.

>  > I thought that fullscreen might also mean that, like maximized, you cannot
>  > move the frame (it is "pinned" to the screen).
> Yes.  But sending the window manager an explicit resizing request
> lifts that restriction, IIUC.

How would I/you check that outside of Emacs, with MS Windows?

>  > Is this the behavior to be expected, that you can move a fullscreen frame
>  > around and resize it (so it is, in effect, no longer "full screen"?  To
>  > be clear, I don't care, a priori, either way; I'm just reporting what I 
> see,
>  > in case it helps.
> It depends on how you move and resize it.

How so?  Please elaborate.  What is the design - the "behavior to be expected"
in the different cases of how you move/resize?

>  >> Programmatically you should be able to move any frame.  It will become
>  >> demaximized/defullscreenified in the course, I presume.
>  >
>  > Whatever that last sentence might mean (in terms of effect; the English
>  > is clear).  The frame still has the same "full-screen" appearance (e.g.,
>  > no borders); it simply is not "full screen" (in a naive sense).
> I have to admit that such behavior sounds strange.  Does it have a title
> bar though?

No.  By "no borders" I meant the title bar too - no title bar.

I'm sure that someone else on Windows can confirm what I'm seeing and perhaps
describe it differently.  If you want to try, one way is to use frame-cmds.el.

>  > Note, BTW, that with MS Windows you cannot move or resize a maximized
>  > window.  Dunno about "programmatically", but you cannot do so using the
>  > "System Menu", which is the way Windows users recuperate a stray window.
>  > Menu items such as `Move' are disabled for a maximized frame.
> I suppose the same rules hold for the system menu and mouse-dragging.
> So if you can move or resize a maximized/fullscreen frame via the system
> menu, the OS is not aware that your frame is maximized/fullscreen.

Dunno.  Not sure I follow.  As I said, you cannot get to the Move or resizing
items of the system menu for a maximized window.  The fact that you can move
or resize a "maximized" Emacs frame suggests that the Emacs "maximize" is
not quite the same thing as Windows maximize.

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