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Re: How to restore the layout?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: How to restore the layout?
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 09:20:01 +0200

>> If you maximize another application on your system, do you see any
>> borders?  I don't here.
> On MS Windows, clicking the maximize button in the title bar (or maximizing
> in some other way) makes the window take up the full screen space, but still
> with its borders, including the title bar.  Maximize and "fullscreen" are not
> the same thing, AFAIK.

When I start an application like the Windows Explorer I see, above the
title bar, the upper border of its window.  When I maximize the
Explorer's window, I still see the title bar, but the upper border has
disappeared.  When I make the Explorer window fullscreen (via F11) title
bar and upper border both disappear.

>> Yes.  But sending the window manager an explicit resizing request
>> lifts that restriction, IIUC.
> How would I/you check that outside of Emacs, with MS Windows?

No idea.  But with Emacs I can maximize a frame and do

(set-frame-position (selected-frame) 12 12)

to move it, keeping its previous size, while

(set-frame-position (selected-frame) 0 0)

will move it just for a short moment and back to the previous state
afterwards.  In any case, I can clearly see that the frame keeps its
outer borders, confirming an earlier claim of Juanma.

>>  > Is this the behavior to be expected, that you can move a fullscreen frame
>>  > around and resize it (so it is, in effect, no longer "full screen"?  To
>>  > be clear, I don't care, a priori, either way; I'm just reporting what I 
>>  > in case it helps.
>> It depends on how you move and resize it.
> How so?  Please elaborate.  What is the design - the "behavior to be expected"
> in the different cases of how you move/resize?

I can't elaborate because I don't know what you tried to do when you
reported what you saw.  Here I cannot move a maximized Emacse frame by
dragging the mouse or via the System Menu.  I can move it by evaluating

(set-frame-position (selected-frame) 12 12)

or resize it by doing

(set-frame-height (selected-frame) (1- (frame-height)))

though and there's still a button enabled telling me that I can "restore
its size" so Windows still thinks that the Emacs window is maximized.
There's one funny discrepancy: I can't mouse-drag the moved window but
can drag the resized one.

> As I said, you cannot get to the Move or resizing
> items of the system menu for a maximized window.  The fact that you can move
> or resize a "maximized" Emacs frame suggests that the Emacs "maximize" is
> not quite the same thing as Windows maximize.

Not necessarily.  I unfortunately lost my Emacs trunk version and am not
sure whether and when I'm able to recuperate it, but IIRC I had lots
of incoherent states after doing M-F10.  But, maximizing Emacs via the
button in the upper right corner (I never use that but call WinMaximize
via a key combination instead) always works as expected.


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