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RE: How to restore the layout?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: How to restore the layout?
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 06:50:06 -0700 (PDT)

>  >> If you maximize another application on your system, do you see any
>  >> borders?  I don't here.
>  >
>  > On MS Windows, clicking the maximize button in the title bar (or
>  > maximizing in some other way) makes the window take up the full screen
>  > space, but still with its borders, including the title bar.  Maximize
>  > and "fullscreen" are not the same thing, AFAIK.
> When I start an application like the Windows Explorer I see, above the
> title bar, the upper border of its window.

Yes, OK, there is a border above the title bar, of the same width as the
other borders (only a few pixels, in my case) and indistinguishable from
the title bar in color etc.  I considered the two together.

> When I maximize the Explorer's window, I still see the title bar, but
> the upper border has disappeared.  When I make the Explorer window
> fullscreen (via F11) title bar and upper border both disappear.

Yes, same here.  I kept mentioning the title bar explicitly.  That was
the point: the title bar, not the tiny border around it.  Maximize
continues to show the title bar, and the window is "pinned" to the screen.

The system menu options for moving or resizing the window are disabled.
Moving and resizing are not disabled for a "maximized" Emacs frame.
(I don't have a problem with that.  Just mentioning the difference.)

>  >>  > Is this the behavior to be expected, that you can move a
>  >>  > fullscreen frame around and resize it (so it is, in effect, no
>  >>  > longer "full screen"?  To be clear, I don't care, a priori,
>  >>  > either way; I'm just reporting what I see, in case it helps.
>  >>
>  >> It depends on how you move and resize it.
>  >
>  > How so?  Please elaborate.  What is the design - the "behavior to be
>  > expected" in the different cases of how you move/resize?
> I can't elaborate because I don't know what you tried to do when you
> reported what you saw.  Here I cannot move a maximized Emacse frame by
> dragging the mouse or via the System Menu.  I can move it by evaluating
> ...

Fullscreen, not maximized (in that paragraph).  I explained clearly what
I did.  I pointed to the code that I used (to move & resize).  The code
uses things like `modify-frame-parameters'.

Anyway, I repeat that I really don't care.  I was just asking what the
design was: what you intended the behavior to be.  It is fine with me
that it might not correspond to Windows maximize/restore/fullscreen in
all respects.

> though and there's still a button enabled telling me that I can "restore
> its size" so Windows still thinks that the Emacs window is maximized.

Yes, we've been through that.  Again, you're talking about maximized, not
fullscreen - there is no maximize/restore button for a fullscreen frame.

> There's one funny discrepancy: I can't mouse-drag the moved window but
> can drag the resized one.

One more, you mean.

>  > As I said, you cannot get to the Move or resizing items of the system
>  > menu for a maximized window.  The fact that you can move or resize a
>  > "maximized" Emacs frame suggests that the Emacs "maximize" is
>  > not quite the same thing as Windows maximize.
> Not necessarily.  I unfortunately lost my Emacs trunk version and am not
> sure whether and when I'm able to recuperate it, but IIRC I had lots
> of incoherent states after doing M-F10.  But, maximizing Emacs via the
> button in the upper right corner (I never use that but call WinMaximize
> via a key combination instead) always works as expected.

No one suggested that the Windows maximize/restore button works differently
for Emacs frames.  (We did say, however, that the button state does not
get updated in some scenarios.)

The point is that Emacs code (& commands written using it) can let users
move or resize a "maximized" or "fullscreen" Emacs frame.  Windows users
cannot move or resize a maximized frame interactively (AFAIK - no system
menu etc.).  That's all.

And again, that's not a problem for me.  I just reported the difference
and asked whether that difference was intended.  Likewise, wrt the lack
of sync between the maximize/restore button and the maximized/restored
frame state.

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