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Re: Install C source code for for debugging help

From: Fu Yuan
Subject: Re: Install C source code for for debugging help
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2019 18:45:07 -0400

I’m not sure this change worth the effort. 

I’m not sure being able to C source is that much beneficial to normal users as 
the C source isn’t that easy to make sense of, as opposed to Elisp sources. 

Regarding the encourage effect Stefan mentioned, I think Elisp sources already 
have this effect and is better than C source in this aspect because it’s easier 
to understand, manipulate and play around with.

It is possible that because people on this list all know internal C source of 
Emacs well, you exaggerated the effect of it for normal users.

On the other hand, maybe a command that downloads and stores the appropriate C 
source could be added. This shouldn’t be very hard to implement and don’t 
effect the build size. And people that wants to see the C source can achieve it 
very easily with the help of this command.

So what I’m trying to say is that 1) Emacs is already encouraging users to 
explore (Elisp) source and 2) enabling access to C by default don’t have much 
benefit and 3) there might be a good alternative.

Just my two cents.

- Yuan

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