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Re: BIKESHED: completion faces

From: João Távora
Subject: Re: BIKESHED: completion faces
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2019 10:15:02 +0000
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

>> Why didn't you object to it 1..2..six mails ago?  You just said
>> "secondary-emphasis" is not a good name...  This makes us go in circles,
>> Eli.
> Sorry, I don't always have time to catch up with huge threads, and in
> this particular case had difficulties to understand what were the main
> issues.

It's pretty simple.  In that mail I made three statements, you objected
to the second, which lead me to think that you agree with the other

Here are the statements again:

1. Alias 'completions-first-difference' to 'completion-emphasis'
2. Alias 'completions-common-part' to 'completion-secondary-emphasis'
3. Make 'flex' use only completion-emphasis to highlight the
   pattern in the candidates.  

That's it.

>> One more time: my only goal in this entire giant conversation, is for
>> the 'flex' style to be able to transform this match on the pattern "foo":
>>   fabrobazor
>>            ^
>>            `- this letter is bold by default currently
>> into this:
>>   fabrobazor
>>   ^   ^   ^
>>   `---`---`----- I want these bold by default in the future
>> no change to the 'basic/prefix' completion.
> I understand that you want to highlight both f, o, o, and r, but the
> latter with a different face.  If my understanding is incorrect,

It is incorrect indeed: 'r' is should have the same face as 'a' or 'b'.

> then what will the other face be used for?

Nothing.  I don't (yet) see 'flex' as needing secondary kinds of

>> Otherwise, if you do, then the only completion-related face that
>> currently has "bold" is completions-first-difference, which is a silly
>> name for this.  Should I alias that to "completions-match-emphasis1",
>> your 3-mails-ago suggestion?  To something else?
> I understand that what I called completions-match-emphasis will
> highlight f, o, and o -- the characters that were in the string typed
> by the user.  These are currently not highlighted at all.  I also
> understand that there will be another face, the one we currently call
> completions-first-difference (and you want another name for it), which
> will highlight r in this example.

No, that is again incorrect.  That "other face" is already the most
important one of the two.  Again, I repeat, the one we currently call
'completions-first-difference', is currently the bold one, by default.
I want to change its name (to 'completion-emphasis' in my proposal) so
that it makes sense for flex to apply it to flex's most important parts,
which, in the above example, are the three characters 'f', 'o' and 'o'
and no other characters.


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