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RE: keysee.el (was: Re: Include which-key.el in the Emacs distribution)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: keysee.el (was: Re: Include which-key.el in the Emacs distribution)
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 11:58:03 -0700 (PDT)

> Using keysee, while it does provide a slightly better interface it is
> still confusing me.  I loaded sortie.el and keysee.el, and turned on
> kc-auto-mode.

<Snipped description of trying to type keys after prefix keys...>

Please read the description.  Key See is not Which-Key.

Key See shows you the available keys, and their
commands, at any point (any time).

It shows you _descriptions_ of the keys and commands.
You can complete (normally) against those descriptions.

So if you type `C-x' you're shown descriptions (names)
of all keys & commands in that prefix-key's keymap
(`ctl-x-map').  You can narrow the help by completing
against key names or command names (or both).

That means typing text to complete against the names,
not hitting keys to continue the `C-x' key sequence.

It's a different UI (it's the standard Emacs UI, with
`completing-read').  Different pros & cons.  I think
what it does is clear from the doc.  But if you don't
read the doc and just expect which-key behavior... ;-)

Hope it's clear now.  It's different from which-key.

I pointed also to its big brother, Icicles key
completion, which offers more.  The idea is the same.
The description in the Icicles doc is more elaborate,
with screenshots etc.


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