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Re: Include which-key.el in the Emacs distribution

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: Re: Include which-key.el in the Emacs distribution
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 20:40:22 +0000

Justin Burkett <justin@burkett.cc> writes:

>> When I type "C-h" with which-key-mode on, I see a paging hint at the
>> bottom line, and that hint simply doesn't work (and nothing else I
>> tried does).
> Ah, if it's just about the hint, then yes, that should be hidden in that
> case.

Thanks, I see that you already did that:


> I wasn't advocating for it to be on by default, but yes, the UI could
> probably be improved. It's a difficult problem (at least for me), because I
> wanted which-key to be passive and not interfere with how emacs processes
> key sequences. That's why I used the help-char escape mechanism to do the
> paging. As far as the default keys, that's an easy change of course.

Does it make sense to support all three of n/p, C-n/C-p and C-v/M-v?
While updating the minibuffer help text to promote the more standard key
bindings C-v/M-v?

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