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Re: How to contribute new package to GNU ELPA?

From: dick . r . chiang
Subject: Re: How to contribute new package to GNU ELPA?
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2020 10:21:19 -0500
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s> Seems request.el will not be included in GNU ELPA.
s> https://github.com/tkf/emacs-request/issues/112

I disagree with your conclusion.

Just because some random contributor (dickmao) is unwilling to solicit
Mr. Arakaki's written release does not mean you must do the same.  After all,
his acquaintance with Mr. Arakaki is just as non-existent as yours.

An importunate email campaign to the effect of "I will continue emailing you 
per week until you respond definitively yes or no.  Apologies in advance."
seems apropos.

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