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Re: [External] : Re: [PATCH] When deleting in bookmark menu, prompt for

From: Matthias Meulien
Subject: Re: [External] : Re: [PATCH] When deleting in bookmark menu, prompt for confirmation.
Date: Thu, 06 May 2021 08:52:36 +0200
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Drew Adams <drew.adams@oracle.com> writes:

> (...) The bookmarks in that list can be loaded from any number of
> bookmark files, and more bookmarks can be added on the fly, so that
> the list corresponds to no bookmark file.

Yes, you're right.

But if one press `s', the default bookmark file will be updated with
all bookmarks whatever their originating bookmark file!

>From my pov and usage (one bookmark file for work projects and another
one, the default one, for personnal projects and common bookmarks like
download folder, Python documentation, etc.) this makes loading multiple
bookmark files deeply broken (but that's another discussion).

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