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RE: [External] : Re: [PATCH] When deleting in bookmark menu, prompt for

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : Re: [PATCH] When deleting in bookmark menu, prompt for confirmation.
Date: Thu, 6 May 2021 15:29:26 +0000

> > (...) The bookmarks in that list can be loaded from any number of
> > bookmark files, and more bookmarks can be added on the fly, so that
> > the list corresponds to no bookmark file.
> Yes, you're right.  But if one press `s', the default
> bookmark file will be updated with all bookmarks
> whatever their originating bookmark file!

Which is what I said:

  The only thing you can say about it is that if you
  _save_ the current bookmark list then, by default,
  its bookmarks will replace those in a particular
  bookmark file.

> From my pov and usage (one bookmark file for work
> projects and another one, the default one, for
> personnal projects and common bookmarks like
> download folder, Python documentation, etc.) this
> makes loading multiple bookmark files deeply broken
> (but that's another discussion).

I disagree.  But then, I use Bookmark+, which makes
using multiple bookmark files much easier and more


Wrt your use case of using only two files: Just use
a prefix arg with `L', to switch to the last bookmark
file used.  (Or use `L RET', since the last one is
the default for switching.)

[IIRC, vanilla bookmark.el doesn't have a way to
switch to a different bookmark file interactively.
All it needs to do, to add that, is to let a prefix
arg for `bookmark-load' and `bookmark-bmenu-load'
provide non-nil arg OVERWRITE.  It provides a
prefix arg for saving, but not for loading.]

A particularly handy way to switch among multiple
bookmark files is to bookmark bookmark files!  Then
you just jump to such a bookmark to switch or load
(add) files.  Use bookmark names that tell you just
what each file is for.  Use such bookmarks to flip
between projects or contexts, or to combine/compose

In menu-bar menu `Bookmark+' for your bookmark-list
display (`C-x r l'), submenu `Bookmark File' has
these items:

 Revert to Saved Bookmarks                  C-u g
 Empty Bookmark File...                     C-x x 0
 Load (Add) Bookmarks...                    l
 Switch to Bookmarks...                     L
 Switch to Last Bookmark File...            C-u L
 Load Bookmarks, Mark Those Loaded...
 Load Bookmarks, Mark Only Those Loaded...
 Load Marked Bookmark-File Bookmarks...     M-l
 Move Marked to Bookmark File...            Y > -
 Copy Marked to Bookmark File...            Y > +
 Copy Marked to New Bookmark File...        Y > 0
 Set Bookmark-File Bookmark from Marked...  C-u Y > 0

You can toggle automatic saving of your current
bookmarks to the current bookmark file any time,
using `M-~'.  (Toggles option `bookmark-save-flag'.)
Turning auto-saving off is often what you want
to do if you've loaded multiple bookmark files.

You can also easily copy or move bookmarks from
one bookmark file to another.

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