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Re: Proposal: new default bindings for winner and windmove

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: Proposal: new default bindings for winner and windmove
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2021 21:26:40 +0200
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Daniel Colascione <dancol@dancol.org> writes:

> Today, winner binds C-c LEFT  and C-c RIGHT for window configuration undo and
> redo, respectively. This set of bindings has three problems:
>  1) the bindings occupy binding space on important keys, LEFT and RIGHT, for
> functions that are rarely used,
> 2) the winner binding space isn't logically connected to window management, 
> and
> 3) the bindings don't work on terminals without LEFT and RIGHT.
> How about we set up these bindings instead?
> C-x 4 C-/ winner-undo
> M-- C-x 4 C-/ winner-redo
> This way, a winner undo has the same binding as editing undo, but under C-x 4,
> which means window management stuff.
> (Also: is there any reason we shouldn't enable winner by default?)
Personally I don't care which bindings are used by default, because I
rebind most of stuff anyway, but I do think it should be on by default.

> Likewise, for windmove, we can bind C-x 4 {left, right, up, down} and DWIM for
> people automatically, enabled by default.

Same as above.

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