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Re: EBrowse obsolete?

From: Visuwesh
Subject: Re: EBrowse obsolete?
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 22:37:34 +0530
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[வியாழன் ஜூலை 21, 2022] Stefan Monnier wrote:

> Visuwesh [2022-07-21 21:46:24] wrote:
>> [வியாழன் ஜூலை 21, 2022] Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>>> Not if my reading of Reddit is correct.  We definitely improved
>>>> things, though, and quite a lot.  But using a server over the network
>>>> will never be as performant as a local solution.
>>> AFAIK most uses of LSP are local (no network involved).
>> Surprisingly, complaints about running LSP over TRAMP comes up really
>> often in Reddit.
> Ah, so that's what you mean by "over the network".  I'm surprised it
> comes up that often.  I don't think it's a super-common use case

That's what I thought too, but in every discussion about LSP (or
lsp-mode v. eglot), people never fail to mention performance over TRAMP.

> (e.g. what other editor offers such a functionality?  What do non-Emacs
> users do when they have such a need?).

My memory is fuzzy here, but I think people just ssh?  I believe VSCode
has something similar to TRAMP (which was remarked to be much "smoother"
and "better OOTB" than TRAMP) but I have no idea about its interaction
wrt LSP.

> I suspect there's some strong bias in the "measurement".  Maybe it
> shows up much more often simply because the other use cases "just
> work".

Another thing that Reddit does a lot is complain about how slow/clunky
TRAMP is.  Sometimes this seems to be solved by actually reading the
TRAMP FAQ/manual (like setting the remote server's prompt to something
sane, etc.).  Take this with a grain of salt because (a) I've only ever
used the doas TRAMP method and (b) my memory is fuzzy since I don't use
LSP myself and hence I don't care too much about these discussions.

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