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Re: [Orgmode] Duration Tally

From: Russell Adams
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Duration Tally
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 06:24:43 -0500
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> So the discussion must be about how you would like Org-mode to make
> use of such data.  Obviously it would be easy to write (as you
> suggest) a little function that returns all this data as, say,
> a property list.  But then you would still need to use it in
> some way.  Are you suggesting tis as a feature where some users
> (those who can write Lisp code) write their own extensions?
> That is certainly an option.  Are you also envisioning ways
> how Org-mode should use this?

I'm not afraid of coding, I'll just have to pick up lisp. ;]

The idea of the key/value pairs simply means that custom features can
be implemented at any time without changing the core org-mode.

I do like the idea of doing simple searches on the key/value pairs, I
also like the thought of another level of folding. If you have 5
extra lines of k/v pairs under a heading, maybe you don't want to see
them all unless you ask.

The original submitter had the right idea, this allows alot of
expansion and customization with minimal overhead.

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