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[Orgmode][babel] noweb does not work (as expected)

From: Torsten Wagner
Subject: [Orgmode][babel] noweb does not work (as expected)
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 12:47:48 +0900
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Hi everyone,

I tried to use the noweb-syntax to tangle all the pieces of source code blocks 
together as proposed by Tom.

However, for some reasons it does not work. 
I notice there are two different syntax for noweb. One propsed on worg and the 
other in examples here in the mailing list. Which one will be correct ? or are 
both correct but with different purpose ?

I used the latest git-version and even tried the branch noweb-evaluate

What I used was a source code block at the end of my org-file like:
All other blocks are defined above.

#+srcname: makefile()
#+begin_src python :tangle simulate_ofdm :exports none
#+resname: makefile

the tangled file results only in 

#!/usr/bin/env python
# generated by org-babel-tangle
# [[file:~/test_noweb.org::*Result][makefile]]

# makefile ends here

An execution of block shows nothing on the *Shell output* buffer
It seems somehow I missunderstand which part of a block will replace a 
<<noweb>>  variable. I thouht it will be replaced by the complete source block 
content during tangle. 

Any ideas ?



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