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Re: [O] multilingual presentation with org

From: brian powell
Subject: Re: [O] multilingual presentation with org
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 14:02:46 -0500

* Quoting the original query: 

"I will be teaching singing to a mixed group using a projector.  Those who can read sanskrit would be put off by the roman (English) and those who cant of course need the roman.
The attached screenshot shows two emacs buffers side-by-side with the two versions.

I am now exploring the possibilities of how to make a 'presentation' putting the two together.
I am not too comfortable using emacs for the final show because emacs occasionally crashes -- due to non-standard fonts, input methods or what I dont know -- and I dont want this to happen in front of 50 people!

Any thoughts/suggestions?"

** Ideas: I strongly suggest EMACS and learn how to use EDIFF in EMACS--its the best envirionment for translations and what you want to do--don't toss out EMACS because it crashed once: suggest you test it before the demo/presentation sing-along.
*** How to stop it from crashing: Use only what is necessary to show your SANSKRIT and ENGLISH buffer: Do something like:
Make 2 files with line numbers at the begin of each line: 
nl sanskrit-song.txt > sanskrit-song_line-numbers-at-front.txt
nl english-song.txt > english-song_line-numbers-at-front.txt
emacs -q -l sanskit-blah-mule-multilingual-emacs-programs-needed-to-show-sanskrit.el  sanskrit-song_line-numbers-at-front.txt english-song_line-numbers-at-front.txt
Mx ediff-buffers
Emacs will pop-up an ediff window--put your mouse cursor on it and tap "?"--it will show you the ediff keys--"n" for "next different line" will be most helpful
(ediff will ask for the 1st and 2nd buffer you want to compare--type in sanskrit-song_line-numbers-at-front.txt and english-song_line-numbers-at-front.txt

--then tapping "n" (with your cursor on the popped up ediff window) goes line-by-songline in both buffers--highlighting the text for a sanskrit sing-along!

** EDIFF has a slight learning curve; but, a huge pay off.

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