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Re: [O] multilingual presentation with org

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: [O] multilingual presentation with org
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 03:18:43 +0530
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What Brian is saying is this and I am interpreting.

There is a line by line correspondence between the two files. So,

1. Put the English file under version control and check it in.

2. Overwrite the English file with the Sanskrit file (remember to
   preserve line by line correspondence) and check the sanskrit file in.

3. Now do a C-x v u to launch ediff on the two versions of the file. Two
   windows will pop up and IIRC, you can arrange for the windows to be
   either arranged side by side or one on top of another.

4. Press q on Ediff control panel so that diff overlays are removed
   while leaving the windows intact.

5. Now do M-x scroll-all-mode so that the two windows scroll
   together. Cursor position in the two windows can be used to guiding
   the eyeballs of the audience.

An advanced option will be to siphon off each stanza in the recital in
to separate files of their own and put the sanskrit and english files in
separate directories (but with the same name) as below.



Then one can do M-x ediff-directories to have all the stanzas show up
and then launch ediff on each of the stanzas.

> brian powell <address@hidden> wrote:
>>     --It works if you put line numbers at the beginning of each
>>     line--then it highlights the diff per line in both buffers/in both
>>     files--you do "Mx ediff-buffers" on--I know it works if you do--I
>>     tested it before I posted.
> I did and it did not. I did it with cat -n at first and then tried nl
> just to see if it had some magic (as one might have guessed, no magic):
> there is one diff region for the whole buffer, not one per line.
> Nick
> PS. I attach the two files in case you, or somebody else, want to try it
> although I'm not sure the attachments are going to make it through the
> list unscathed. I'm making them octet-streams to try to preserve the contents
> unscathed. Here are SHA1s for them if you want to check (foo.txt.n is
> the transliterated file, foo-hi.txt.n is the devanagari)
> 85fd89d20ba4d1443089726fdb7a8bee7c7698ec  foo-hi.txt.n
> e35932a206d2c129b8da1f855694d23838ea1013  foo.txt.n
>      1        OM bhUrbhuvaH suvaH
>      2        tatsaviturvarenyam
>      3        bhargo devasya dhImahi
>      4        dhiyo yonaH prachodayAt


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