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Re: [O] Assumptions on user's environment

From: Karl Voit
Subject: Re: [O] Assumptions on user's environment
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 18:43:38 +0100
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* Rasmus <address@hidden> wrote:
> Karl Voit <address@hidden> writes:
>> Personally, I do think that tech-savvy users of non English speaking
>> countries should definitely consider switching to US_intl layout for
>> many reasons.  
> What if the set of letters in English is a subset of the set of
> letters in your the tech-savvy users language?

This is the case with the German language. However, there are ways
to enter German umlauts with us_intl layout (digraph).

With Microsoft Windows as an exception, it is possible to switch
keyboard layouts on keyboard shortcuts.

However, when I am coding, I am only using English variable names
and comments. So most of the time, I am happy with 7-bit ASCII

If you do not code nor use strange environments like LaTeX, you
might as well ignore my comments about tech-savvy people which was
maybe a bit too general.

>> From my experience, only a minority of text-savvy users are doing
>> so.
> Perhaps the objective that these users are maximizing another
> objective than the one you have in mind?

Yes, you are absolutely right. So "tech-savvy" is probably too
unspecific as a term. However, "coders" seems to be narrow as well.
Maybe you can think of a term in between? ;-)

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