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Re: [O] Assumptions on user's environment

From: Karl Voit
Subject: Re: [O] Assumptions on user's environment
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 22:31:53 +0100
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* Achim Gratz <address@hidden> wrote:
> Bastien writes:
>> Samuel Wales <address@hidden> writes:
>>> remember: using
>>> one hand for both modifier and key is never an option.
>> Why?  For me C-c C-' is very easy with one hand, I don't even
>> need to move the fingers.
> I'd think you need to curl the pinky at least unless you're talking
> about a laptop keyboard with a favorable position for the Ctrl key.

I am using Lenovo UltraNav USB keyboards on Windows and Linux
machines and an Apple BT keyboard on a Mac. On all of them I can
type C-c with a *completely relaxed* left pinkie and a left index
finger thanks to an additional CTRL key instead of the CAPS LOCK. My
left pinkie seldom moves away from the left CAPS LOCK position.

In fact, I never use the original left CTRL key at all. And more or
less thanks to bad habit, I never use the right CTRL key.

Unfortunately, I do not touch type all the time. And I know, that my
typing behavior is not optimized. However, it's that fast that
changing my typing habits at this point seems to be a hard thing to
do for very little benefit. I never had any physical issues related
to typing. I tend to think that this is because of the CAPSLOCK/CTRL

I get the impression from this thread, that this varies from user to

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