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[O] Assumptions on user's environment (was: [RFC] Proposal for rebinding

From: Karl Voit
Subject: [O] Assumptions on user's environment (was: [RFC] Proposal for rebindings in Org 8.3)
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 10:21:30 +0100
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* Samuel Wales <address@hidden> wrote:


> i meant that c-c c-' and c-c c-" are both cumbersome for those users
> who press c-c by holding down the control key with the right hand and
> then pressing c with the left hand.  c-c ' is not cumbersome for those
> users.

Oh, this is a sensitive subject :-)

For example: I am happily removing CAPS LOCK on all of my computers
and replace it with an additional CTRL key. This way, I am using my
left pinkie for all kinds of CTRL-combinations. As long as it is not
combined with [`123q~] or TAB, I am fine.

And: although I am living in a German speaking country, I am using
US_intl keyboard settings. Most keyboard shortcuts make more sense
since I switched. Unfortunately, software developers who define
keyboard shortcuts have either settle for their own keyboard layout
(mostly en_US) or keyboard shortcuts are part of the i18n layer
which has also some drawbacks IMHO.

The point is: when you are settling for keyboard shortcuts, you are
going to do some assumptions on the environment of your users. So:
what are these assumptions for Emacs/Org-mode? I guess this is the
root question we should try to answer (and document).

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