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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Trademark licenses, example in Firefox

From: Leo
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Trademark licenses, example in Firefox
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 15:12:09 -0300
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On Friday 22 July 2011 14:37:03 Diego Saravia wrote:
> > > source of linux libre is linux, and is not free
> > > source of icecat is firefox and we are seeing that is not free
> > 
> > Source of Linux-libre is Linux-libre, completely free:
> >
> > libre/download/releases/LATEST-
> > 
> > Source of GNU IceCat, again completely free:
> >
> that files are not sources, sources are in linux project and mozilla
> proyects. Linuxlibre and ice-cat  are usefull, to aloud people to use only
> free software without  restrictions, to know what happens in each machine
> (blobs) (if they have the hardware) or to aloud to sell software, but they
> don' t provide sources. They provide a sub product of the real sources, that
> are not free. A restricted set of software that is free.
> these files are modified by hand or in automatic way (like kernel in ututo),
> bur are not sources
> call them sources is like call sources a grammar in c produced by
> yacc/bisson
> there are not legaly sources, and is not a good idea to think of them as a
> new project, becouse the people that really do the code are not in
> linux-libre nor in ice cat project.  They are not new projects, nor forks,
> and continue to be that way, each new version is constructed from a new
> version of the very sources. Only one criterion: remove non free, restrict
> the universo of machines to the one in wich only free soft. could be run.

Do we have compilable code that produces a free browser and a free kernel? If 
the answer is yes, then your point is moot. I call that sources, if you want 
to pick at semantics minutae then you're alone on that.

RMS Rose GNU/Linux-libre
#rmsgnulinux @

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