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Problem with autogsdoc and GSFusedSilica.h

From: Chris B. Vetter
Subject: Problem with autogsdoc and GSFusedSilica.h
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 08:36:26 -0800


I tried to update the documentation to the latest from last night's cvs
checkout - autogsdoc gets caught in a loop when trying to create the
HTML for GSFusedSilica when processing the following lines (147 to
151) in GSFusedSilica.h:

  static const CGRect CGRectNull = {{-1,-1},{0,0}};  /*FIXME*/

  static const CGSize CGSizeZero = {0,0};
  static const CGRect CGRectZero = {{0,0},{0,0}};

A change to, eg.

  static const CGRect CGRectNull = {
        {-1, -1},
        {0, 0}

will "fix" it.

On a side-note, why are some of the documentation files maintained with
TeX? The reason I'm asking is, that for example Slowlaris and BSD do not
by default have TeX (and related) installed - but configure never checks


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