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Re: Package Definition Place

From: Kete
Subject: Re: Package Definition Place
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2014 16:31:08 -0500
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On Saturday, January 04, 2014 12:47:06 PM Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> I’d recommend looking at how that tcsetpgrp check is implemented, to see
> what makes it think it doesn’t work.  In particular what does
> ‘config.log’ report about this test?

I didn't find any mention.
> The ‘license’ field should reflect the license of what gets installed.
> So if build-time scripts are GPL, that doesn’t matter here.  But please
> do skim over the license headers to make sure they’re all under that
> X11-style license.

Here is what I found with grep:
        Completion/Unix/Command/_darcs is licensed under the GNU GPL. "zsh
        will be linked against libgdbm.  This means the binary is covered by
        the GNU General Public License.  This does not affect the source
        code." config.guess and config.sub are also GPLed.
The rest default to that X11-style license.

> My guess is that Zsh doesn’t use Readline nor Texinfo, but please check
> its documentation to see what’s needed.

You guessed correctly. It only needed ncurses.

> Please wrap lines below 80 characters, and don’t use tabs (see “Coding
> Style” in the ‘HACKING’ file.)

I think the description is all on one line, so I don't know what happened.

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