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fixed the gnome forever-suspend problem

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: fixed the gnome forever-suspend problem
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 10:08:00 +0100
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Just a quick note that the elogind update I just pushed fixes the GNOME
suspend problem.  (Used to be, from GNOME if you close your laptop lid
it suspends fine, resumes fine, but then immediately suspends again --
forever.)  It was an elogind bug.  GNOME by default inhibits logind from
suspending using the "delay" inhibit mode, meaning that the suspend is
delayed until GNOME comes back to it.  If GNOME never comes back to
elogind, the suspend will happen after 5 seconds anyway.  Elogind emits
a signal indicating that it wants to suspend, causing GNOME to do
whatever it needs to do (maybe logging you off your IRC or so, dunno)
and then removes its suspend inhibitor, allowing elogind to suspend.
This code path is a little more complicated than the way an XFCE session
was suspending, which had no inhibitor / etc and logind handled it

Anyway!  Give a try to GNOME, it seems to be an OK environment.
NetworkManager doesn't work by default yet -- I think we're missing the
service -- so you have to still use the wicd control panel.  I think
something's not working with media keys either; some daemon not running
yet.  Otherwise though GNOME seems to work OK, just as fine as XFCE


ps. Although because the media keys aren't working right now, the
brightness keys don't work, you can change the brightness via the GNOME
control panel, which means that the pkexec + polkit + logind + pam +
sudo waltz seems to be working fine :)

pps.  To try GNOME, add (gnome-desktop-service) on to your services:

 (services (cons* (gnome-desktop-service)

Then choose it using "F1" from the SLIM login window.

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