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Re: Heads-up: New dependency on Guile-Gcrypt

From: Paul Garlick
Subject: Re: Heads-up: New dependency on Guile-Gcrypt
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2018 12:19:04 +0100

Hi Ludo,

> ‘guix pull’ will happily perform the transition.

For me, I have an older Guix (16th May) that fails to install guile-gcrypt.  As root:

$ guix --version
guix (GNU Guix) 6f84dc4314cd84550d9fc7e7afa11c495edc45a5

When I try 'guix pull' there is an attempt to build guile-gcrypt locally that fails with the message './configure:  No such file or directory'.  I can see that the build procedure moves from the 'unpack' phase straight to the 'patch-usr-bin-file' phase with no 'bootstrap' phase in between.

Aha, another chicken-and-egg, I thought; my older Guix does not have a 'bootstrap' phase.  However, I can see that the commit for adding the new phase was made on 11th March, so perhaps 'guix pull' is failing for a different reason.

Maybe there is a workaround for this scenario.  WDYT?

Best regards,


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