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Re: [Outreachy] Recording My Contribution

From: Gábor Boskovits
Subject: Re: [Outreachy] Recording My Contribution
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 22:19:42 +0100

Hello Floridah,

Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> ezt írta (időpont: 2018. okt. 30.,
K, 22:02):
> Hello!
> > 2.GNU Guix project #1

I am one of the mentors of this project.

> Thanks for your interest in Guix!
> To contact the Guix project please write a short email to the
> address@hidden mailing list to introduce yourself and to get in
> touch with the mentors of the video documentation project.
> A common first task is to install Guix on top of a GNU/Linux
> distribution of your choice; a good first contribution is to create a
> new package definition for an R package from the CRAN repository.  You
> can get 80% of the work done by using the importer “guix import cran -r
> name”.

Yes, installing Guix and getting an R package from CRAN can still be done on

> I also strongly recommend connecting to the #guix IRC channel on
> for real-time chat with the community.  The community
> can help you solve problems that are normal for new contributors.
> Hope to meet you there!

Also hope to meet you there!

> --
> Ricardo (co-maintainer of GNU Guix)
> _______________________________________________
> Mentors mailing list
> address@hidden

Best regards,

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