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Re: Video narration

From: Laura Lazzati
Subject: Re: Video narration
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2019 02:00:27 -0300

Hi Paul ;)

> Thank you.  I will also check through the transcripts and make any
> slight changes needed to make the narration more-natural-for-me to
> speak.  I will be careful not to alter the timings or meanings.
Thank you. The transcripts have a timing as an idea, but speak
spontaneously, like you normally do.
And of course you are welcome to make changes to sound more natural :)
I will start git pulling before making some comments.

> Also, I will have more information on Wednesday about the time slots
> available for the recording process.
Please, let me know whatever information you need and also that you
can share. And sorry for the delay. My recording process is difficult:
I use my headsets in my phone, try to avoid environmental noise as
much as possible, then I put it on my computer and change the format
to mp3. Tried Audacity but my recording sounds horrible.

Regards :)

PS: please git pull because I go on adding/updating stuff :)

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