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Re: Naming, hacking, and policies

From: sirgazil
Subject: Re: Naming, hacking, and policies
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2019 08:54:42 -0500
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El 29/03/19 a las 11:42 a. m., Ludovic Courtès escribió:


Packages usually have a “system name” (that’s the terminology used on
Savannah) and a “pretty name”, like ‘guix’ and ‘GNU Guix’.  I believe
the intent of those guidelines was to suggest keeping the system name,
not the fancy name.  Perhaps this is what should be clarified?


A comment on the accessibility of names:

Last time I tried browsing packages in a GTK+ application on Debian using a screen reader, I didn't like the experience. The screen reader read in Spanish (my system language) all the names of the packages, most of them in "system name" format and made of English words. No good. Also, if I recall correctly, the screen reader didn't read initialisms correctly.

I bet there are things to improve in screen readers, accessibility of GUI toolkits, and package definitions. At that time, for example, Orca could not read multilingual HTML documents that used explicitly the LANG attribute in elements. I don't know if GTK+ offers something similar to the HTML LANG attribute for GUI components. Package definitions I've seen don't indicate in which language a package name is written so that a screen reader could switch its voice if necessary, nor they provide a way to know if a package name is an initialism, so that the screen reader can read it as such.

I don't know exactly what should be done in Guix, though, but I think having a "system name" and a "pretty name" that is translatable could help a little bit.

I hope libre screen readers get so smart they will figure all these things by themselves :)

My 2¢

Luis Felipe López Acevedo

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