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Re: Maintaining Jami #3

From: Jan
Subject: Re: Maintaining Jami #3
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2020 16:55:35 +0100

On Sun, 19 Jan 2020 10:20:51 +0100
Pierre Neidhardt <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Jan,
> I tested the Jami package we have in upstream Guix:
> - It fails to start on my desktop, it only works on my laptop.
> - The client kept disconnecting.  I could send a few text messages
> here and there, but most of them didn't go through.
> - I could not give an audio or video call.
> - I can receive text messages perfectly.
> - I can receive calls, but when I click on the "pick up" button, Jami
>   crashes.
> In general, Jami crashed _a lot_.  I wonder if it's upstream or if we
> have something wrong with our package.
> Did you have a similar experience?
> Does your work fix any of those issues?

Well, generally I started working on Jami, because it never worked for
me well - crashes, bugs, issues with UPnP and NAT. That was on Devuan,
but on Guix it is like this also. I think bugs are present upstream,
but Guix only makes them reproducible :)
I also don't know which releases are beta and which are not, I once
tried asking, but did not get real answer.
Their release naming system is YYYYMMDD and it tells you nothing, I
asked them to change it, but they didn't. 
I just package the latest version available at;O=D
and sometimes its okay, but once I couldn't build gnome client on
Devuan at all.

Jami should not be considered stable for now, at least my package - they
make too many changes for it to be stable, without any code freeze.
The software was started in 2016 and two years ago it was a deep beta,
they need some time to clean this up.

Current versions also use beta software - OpenDHT 2.0 is currently at
beta stage.

Once my changes are merged, I can try updating everything to the latest
versions and maybe it'll work, if not we can rename jami to jami-beta
and rename it back when it's ready.

Jan Wielkiewicz

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