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Re: Maintaining Jami #3

From: Jan
Subject: Re: Maintaining Jami #3
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 00:12:10 +0100

Hi Pierre,
I made some tests Guix System <-> Devuan on my current Jami package
20200124 version or something similar to this and I managed to
reproduce bugs you pointed out.
Didn't get answer from Jami developers yet, but it seems something is
wrong with our pjproject package:
That's what the daemon prints while crashing:
dring: ../src/pjsip-ua/sip_inv.c:246: pjsip_inv_dec_ref: Assertion `inv
&& inv->ref_cnt' failed.

Now I am going to investigate what's wrong with pjproject, mostly
finish our currently not working pjproject package (it won't compile,
only pjproject-jami works) and then I'll update it to the latest
version, if it got outdated much since the last time I checked.

I also wait for merging core-updates, because another bug - the
screen sharing one may be caused by something related to glibc, which
got updated on core-updates. Or webkit-gtk or Qt or whatever - anything
can be a problem, if the package has about 1GB of dependencies...

Jan Wielkiewicz

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