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Re: emacs-lucid (was Re: Emacs closure at ~900MB?)

From: Giovanni Biscuolo
Subject: Re: emacs-lucid (was Re: Emacs closure at ~900MB?)
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020 10:28:44 +0200

Hi zimounn

zimoun <> writes:

> Hi,
> On Thu, 24 Sep 2020 at 19:29, Giovanni Biscuolo <> wrote:
>> P.S.: I also know there's the
>> "Implement a wrapper so users can build the Emacs packages using a
>> version of their choosing" patch around, but it's for a different
>> (expert) use case AFAIU
> Now this patch is superseded by <>. :-)
> If I understand correctly #43578 (not yet really tested).

Thanks for the update!

If that's the case could you please add a comment in #41732 that points
to #43538 explaining that it solves the use cases of #41732, possibly
with some examples and/or a Coockbook section?

Re the subject: do you think #43578 can help users in getting
emacs-lucid starting from emacs? Do you have an example please?

AFAIU having a public emacs-lucid in Guix master is a better solution
for users, but I may be missing something! :-D

Happy hacking! Gio'

Giovanni Biscuolo

Xelera IT Infrastructures

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