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Re: emacs-lucid (was Re: Emacs closure at ~900MB?)

From: Giovanni Biscuolo
Subject: Re: emacs-lucid (was Re: Emacs closure at ~900MB?)
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2020 12:44:43 +0200

Hello Simon,

zimoun <> writes:

> On Tue, 29 Sep 2020 at 10:42, Giovanni Biscuolo <> wrote:
>> Please consider I'm still on Emacs 26.3 since one package I use does not
>> work with 27.1... and I still have not tested "the bug" in a pure
>> anvironmentt with emacs 27.1 only
> Ouch!  Which one is it?

emacs-elfeed-org, bug #43243

I'm considering dismissing elfeed-org, it's useful but not unavoidable :-)

>> I'm affected by that bug every time I do:
>> 1. on machine A: start emacs --daemon
>> 2. on machine B: ssh -Y me@A
>> 3. on machine B: emacsclient -c (in ssh session)
> Sorry, I miss where this emacsclient is started?  A or B?

on machine B

> If you start emacsclient on B and try to connect over SSH to the
> server on A, which option do you provide?  (naive question because I
> have always failed to do that :-))

Sorry I don't understand the steps you are trying to reproduce: in the
use case above I'm starting "emacsclient -c" from machine B when
remotely connected via ssh (-Y) to machine A; I'm running emacsclient -c
over ssh

> Personally, I have 2 uses cases:
>  i.
> machine A: emacs --daemon
> machine B: ssh -C me@A -t emacsclient -t

"emacsclient -t" (over ssh) always works for me also, no crashes after
disconnection (no X toolkit used in this case)

> and I never do "ssh -CX me@A -t emacsclient -c" because the network is
> usually too slow to export DISPLAY; machines A and B are usually a bit
> far in my cases.

I never tested using "Force pseudo-terminal" (-t) when connecting over
ssh: I should try that!

I usually use X forwarding over VPN over 4G connection: it's a little
bit slow but usable.

> ii.
> machine B: start emacs --daemon
> machine B: emacsclient -c
> machine B: open via TRAMP over ssh on A
> And Tramp crashes time to time.

Ouch: it never happens to me, I mean /ssh:.../ TRAMP method always works
like a charm.  Have you tried installing "emacs-tramp" package?  I had
some issue with the built-in emacs TRAMP and realized that emacs-tramp
guix package is more up to date with upstream.

>> AFAIU this bug is still affecting other Emacs users using GTK as X
>> toolkit.
> Yeah, for sure.  And as you noted too, it is difficult to know what is
> the exact status of this bug. :-)

Technically is closed but actually it should be "exausted" :-D


Ciao, Gio'

Giovanni Biscuolo

Xelera IT Infrastructures

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