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Re: emacs-lucid (was Re: Emacs closure at ~900MB?)

From: Bonface M. K.
Subject: Re: emacs-lucid (was Re: Emacs closure at ~900MB?)
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2020 23:49:47 +0300
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Pierre Neidhardt <> writes:

> Just tested, EXWM works with emacs-no-x-toolkit!

Just tested it too, and it works for me too :)

> So I suggest we add the following packages:
> (define-public emacs-no-x-toolkit-xelb
>    (package
>      (inherit emacs-xelb)
>      (name "emacs-no-x-toolkit-xelb")
>      (arguments
>       (substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments emacs-xelb)
>         ((#:emacs emacs) `,emacs-no-x-toolkit)))))
> (define-public emacs-no-x-toolkit-exwm         
>    (package
>      (inherit emacs-exwm)
>      (name "emacs-no-x-toolkit-exwm")
>      (synopsis "Emacs X window manager (without X toolkit)")
>      (propagated-inputs
>       `(("emacs-no-x-toolkit-xelb" ,emacs-no-x-toolkit-xelb)))
>      (arguments
>       (substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments emacs-exwm)
>         ((#:emacs emacs) `,emacs-no-x-toolkit)))))
> Thoughts?

Wouldn't that be redundant? If you wanted to use
EXWM, we already have EXWM provided on MELPA, so
you could just set that up. That's IMHO though.

Bonface M. K. (
Chief Emacs Mchochezi / Twitter: @BonfaceKilz
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