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Re: Updating mumi on berlin

From: Thiago Jung Bauermann
Subject: Re: Updating mumi on berlin
Date: Sun, 15 May 2022 19:05:02 -0300

Hello zimoun,

zimoun <> writes:

> Hi Thiago,
> On Fri, 06 May 2022 at 00:22, Thiago Jung Bauermann <> 
> wrote:
>> I didn't go that route because I don't like disabling tests without
>> understanding why they fail and it took me a while to understand the
>> zombie root cause. In addition to that, without the testsuite passing I
>> didn't feel confident that I would be proposing a good enough package
>> because virtually the only part of public-inbox that I use is lei
>> itself. What if there was a regression in other parts of it and I didn't
>> notice because I use so little?
>> But I wouldn't mind disabling the part that checks that lei-daemon is
>> truly gone, or even the whole testsuite if that is too complicated.
>> On the other hand, the preferred solution would be the workaround
>> pointed out by Maxim, where tini is used to run the testsuite and reap
>> its sub-processes. I can probably take a stab at it over the weekend if
>> no one beats me to it.
> For sure.  For it is worth, I try to keep in mind, :-)
>         Now is better than never.
>         Although never is often better than *right* now.
>         – The Zen of Python, by Tim Peters –

I liked the plot twist in this one. :-)

> and
>         Perfect is the enemy of good
>         – commonly attributed to Voltaire –

Yeah, I can easily fall into the trap of trying to get things just right
and taking too long to finish my projects… Though in this case not
feeling confident enough about the updated package due to not being able
to run the tests was a real concern for me.

Since then I have been able to run the testsuite locally and it passes,
so I have just posted a patch series updating public-inbox:

Though that one is still with tests disabled (in the spirit of the
quotes above!). I have a bit more polishing to do before I can send the
follow-up patches to enable tests.

For now, you can find them here if you're curious:


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