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Re: public-inbox v1.7 update (was: Updating mumi on berlin)

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: public-inbox v1.7 update (was: Updating mumi on berlin)
Date: Sun, 08 May 2022 00:41:08 -0400

zimoun writes:

> [...]
> Well, using the plain Git repo, it is easy to:
>  1. get messages from a list starting at a date;
>     using ’git clone --mirror --shallow-since=’
>  2. get all the new messages;
>     (using ’git pull)
> IIUC, ’lei’ avoid this manual dance with the Git repo and do it for me.

It depends.  Yes, you can use it in a way that avoids needing to clone
down repos and index them; in that case you're relying on the remote

Or you can clone and index the repos yourself and point lei at them.
You can do this with `lei add-external --mirror', but you still have to
update the repos yourself (see example at

If you go the clone/index route, however, I'd recommend using grokmirror
to fetch Git repositories from public-inbox instances.  (In <>, I
provided an example config that mirrors Guix-related inboxes at

> Well, what I miss is the lei “saved search” query for all messages.
> Other said,
>     lei q d:<starting-date>..
>     lei up
> fits #1.  Then, how do I achieve #2?

For remote externals, `lei up' will pull in updates from the remote.
For local externals (things you've cloned down and indexed yourself),
you need to do something to pull in those update (e.g., a grok-pull or a
`git fetch').

> The workflow using “saved search” is not clear for me.  Before investing
> some time, especially when ’lei’ is not packaged in Guix, I would like
> to be sure about how to run «my workflow».

I don't regularly used saved searches myself, so I don't know that I can
be much help, even if I had a clear picture of what you wanted in your

Fwiw my setup is:

 1) use nntp via Gnus to skim new messages on mailing lists

 2) if I want to participate in a thread, use
    piem-inject-thread-into-maildir to get the messages into my local
    mail store and my Notmuch index.

 3) If I want to search for messages, I use lei-q via piem-lei-q.

    Using grokmirror and a configured pull.post_update_hook, I fetch
    updates for and index a subset inboxes that I want to
    have available locally for searching.

    (I use piem-inject-thread-into-maildir here too.)

I'd eventually like to be able to follow list with lei via piem's
interface, but things aren't there yet.

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