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Re: Someone start maintaining luddites.el

From: Po Lu
Subject: Re: Someone start maintaining luddites.el
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2021 15:05:40 +0800
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Yuan Fu <> writes:

> Probably only variable and faces are emulated, when possible. And I
> don’t understand why you need to remember anything to use such a mode:
> it removes changes. If anything, it should only allow you not need to
> remember things.

No, it means I will have to read not only NEWS but also the Antinews
after each upgrade, and then decide which version of Emacs to have mine

>> Such a compatibility layer will probably have to be constantly updated
>> as well to fit with changes in later versions of Emacs.

> That’s not much work, the changes to default values of variables and
> faces are not that much in each release.

If my gut feeling is right, this feature will be used as an excuse to
make more of those changes.

> And we only need record the change in each release, reverting to
> defaults of prior releases only need to concatenate the change in each
> release together.

What if a variable is made obsolete in the meantime?  Or if the list of
understood meanings change?

> First, that solution is not very good: people have different opinions
> of when default values are due.

Then let's see which causes the smallest mob of people who complain.

> Third, I don’t think adding this feature will make Emacs change
> default values when they are not due. If anything, the mode only helps
> people who don’t want Emacs to change: instead of adding code to
> .emacs, now you only need to turn this mode on.

How is changing a switch with custom different in principle from adding
code to init.el?

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