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Re: Trying to install Guix System on a nonfree computer, the system frez

From: Jan
Subject: Re: Trying to install Guix System on a nonfree computer, the system frezees at booting, bug?
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2019 02:11:17 +0200

Great, my mail client probably fooled me again... Sorry again for
sending a private message, this is my first real discussion on a mailing
list. Is there a way to keep messages on the list, I'm using "respond
to a mailing list" option, but it somehow doesn't do what I want.

Reposting the message here:

Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> writes(a):

> Hi,
> > throws '/mnt/etc/config.scm:40:1 error: invalid field specifier'.  
> Your config file at line 40 contains this form:
>  (services (append (list … … some-list))
>            %base-services)
> The format is wrong.  What I called “some-list” is this:
>   (remove (lambda (service)
>            (eq? (service-kind service) gdm-service-type))
>           %desktop-services)
> This is a list of services.  You are nesting lists and that’s not what
> “services” accepts.  The field only accepts a single list of services.
> Another problem is “%base-services”, which is another list.  You are
> providing two values for the “services” field: one nested list and a
> plain list of services (%base-services).
> This will work:
>  (services (append
>             ;; This is a simple list of services.  It’s the first
>             ;; argument to “append”.
>               (list (service dhcp-client-service-type)
>                         (service slim-service-type
> (slim-configuration (display ":0")
>                                               (vt "vt7")))
>                   (service slim-service-type (slim-configuration
>                                               (display ":1")
>                                               (vt "vt8"))))
>             ;; This is the second argument to “append”.  It’s just a
>             ;; simple list of services, same as %desktop-services but
>             ;; without the gdm-service-type.
>             (remove (lambda (service)
>                       (eq? (service-kind service) gdm-service-type))
>                     %desktop-services)))

I wasn't familiar with this remove procedure from srfi-1, I've been
learning Guile only for 3 month, thank you for explaining. The system
initialized correctly, but the same thing happens while trying to boot
into the recently installed system (removing gdm didn't help). I copied
the whole /var/log folder so I'm attaching zip-compressed folder below.
And also a strange thing happened - don't know if it's related, but
after switching my system to "UEFI mode" screen resolution using
linux-libre, which was really low, now changed normal (as on systems
with blobs loaded).

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