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Re: substitute for Skype

From: Gottfried
Subject: Re: substitute for Skype
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2022 15:47:08 +0000

Hi Guixers,

Sorry, I forgot to mention "mumble" besides "Jami" and "Jitsi Meet".

Only Jami and  Mumble are available in Guix.

mumble: Version 1.4.230
Defined at      gnu/packages/telephony.scm:556 (guix channel)
Installation command: guix install mumble

Package details of mumble

Mumble is an low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming. Mumble consists of two applications for separate usage: mumble for the client, and murmur for the server.

There is 1 version available for this package.

Home page

cl-murmurhash 0.0.0-1.5433f5e 32-bit version of Murmurhash3 for Common Lisp

ecl-cl-murmurhash 0.0.0-1.5433f5e 32-bit version of Murmurhash3 for Common Lisp

ghc-murmur-hash MurmurHash2 implementation for Haskell

go-github-com-spaolacci-murmur3 1.1.0 Native MurmurHash3 Go implementation

go-github-com-twmb-murmur3 1.1.3 Native MurmurHash3 Go implementation

node-emotion-hash       0.6.6   A MurmurHash2 implementation    false
python-murmurhash       1.0.7   Cython bindings for MurmurHash2

python-murmurhash3 2.3.5 Python wrapper for MurmurHash (MurmurHash3)

sbcl-cl-murmurhash 0.0.0-1.5433f5e 32-bit version of Murmurhash3 for Common Lisp

There are 10 packages available for mumble.
1 for mumble, 9 for murmur, which belong together, as far as I understand it.

Has somebody got experience with Jami or Mumble?


Am 01.08.22 um 17:26 schrieb Gottfried:
Thanks for all answers,

I want to use my laptop and talk to somebody or even exeptionally to others (several people) in a room, connected through one laptop. (through more laptops - I haven't done it yet, so I don't know)

Earlier I used Skype.

Jitsi Meet isn't in guix. But Jami is there.

There are 8 packages for Jami, do I need to install all of them?

ffmpeg-jami    4.4.2    Audio and video framework htttps://

jami    20220726.1515.da8d1da    Qt Jami client

jami-gnome    20220726.1515.da8d1da    Qt Jami client

jami-qt    20220726.1515.da8d1da    Qt Jami client

libjami    20220726.1515.da8d1da    Jami core library and daemon

libring    20220726.1515.da8d1da    Jami core library and daemon

node-jsondiffpatch    0.3.11    Diff & Patch for Javascript objects

pjproject-jami    2.11-0.e1f389d    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) stack

Additionally, I guess, I have to set up "jami-service-type"


Am 01.08.22 um 14:36 schrieb Maxim Cournoyer:
Hi Gottfried,

"(" <> writes:

On Mon Aug 1, 2022 at 12:55 PM BST, Akib Azmain Turja wrote:
There is a software named Jitsi Meet, through I think that's not what
you want.
Also, Jitsi only really has a web application. (There *is* a desktop app,
but it's written in Java and appears to be abandoned, and it's not in

I think Jami may be the closest thing to Skype we have.  If you are
interested in setting up persistent conference rooms, you may be
interested in the jami-service-type as well, which makes it easy to host
such on headless servers.



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