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Re: substitute for Skype

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: substitute for Skype
Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2022 11:50:30 -0400
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Hi Gottfried,

Gottfried <> writes:

> Thanks for all answers,
> I want to use my laptop and talk to somebody or even exeptionally to
> others (several people) in a room, connected through one
> laptop. (through more laptops - I haven't done it yet, so I don't
> know)
> Earlier I used Skype.
> Jitsi Meet isn't in guix. But Jami is there.
> There are 8 packages for Jami, do I need to install all of them?
> ffmpeg-jami   4.4.2   Audio and video framework       htttps://
> jami  20220726.1515.da8d1da   Qt Jami client
> jami-gnome    20220726.1515.da8d1da   Qt Jami client
> jami-qt       20220726.1515.da8d1da   Qt Jami client
> libjami       20220726.1515.da8d1da   Jami core library and daemon    
> libring       20220726.1515.da8d1da   Jami core library and daemon    
> node-jsondiffpatch    0.3.11  Diff & Patch for Javascript objects
> pjproject-jami        2.11-0.e1f389d  Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
> stack

You should 'guix pull'; it was updated yesterday.  Now there's only one
client package, 'jami'.

You can run it via 'guix shell jami -- jami' to try it out, or install

I'd suggest getting to know jami itself before venturing into
jami-service-type.  You can already make calls and add more users
manually to get started.

When you want some permanent channel that people can call and join
automatically, jami-service-type will provide value.



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