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Re: [Help-librejs] Avoiding the javascript Trap server-side

From: Igor Zobin
Subject: Re: [Help-librejs] Avoiding the javascript Trap server-side
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2018 04:13:43 -0500

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐

Am 6. März 2018 11:28 PM schrieb Dmitry Alexandrov <address@hidden>:

> > Thank you for the elaborate response Dmitry!
> Your are welcome.
> But, I see, you preferred to move our dialogue off-list. As I found nothing 
> private in it, that was probably for the reason that it went somewhat 
> off-topic there. However, I would say that this topic important enough to be 
> public, and hope that LibreJS developers and other subscribers will excuse 
> us. If they know any better list to discuss that (I, alas, do not), I would 
> appreciate that info.
> For now, I took a liberty to move it back to address@hidden by resending your 
> message and continuing there.

Right, thanks for that. I'm not used to using maillists, this is why I'm prone 
to clicking on "reply" instead of "reply all".

> Sounds nice. I would definitely like to see it, when it’s published (in the 
> case it’s in English or Russian).

English, Russian and German. The site is going to have all 3 languages. If all 
goes well, I can finish it in a week or two. is the domain, 
in any case it should be live before end of march.

> Not pushing any programs at all would not contradict anything — that is the 
> point, I was trying to emphasize.

Yes, not pushing any programs at all would be a solution. It seems this might 
be the solution I'll go with.

> I was under impression that after CSS3 (and 4) there no much need in 
> client-side javascripts to implement some fun animations.

I guess I'm still stuck in the past then? If CSS3 and 4 allow some logic to be 
executed on events like onmouseover, I'll look into them of course.

> Well, AFAIK, Git should work over WebDAV also. And nothing, of course, can 
> prevent you from treating a website hosted along with its VC repo as a mere 
> bunch of files and use any protocol your hoster allows, even FTP, from any 
> place.

I'm not hosting it in a VirtualCenter (if that's what you mean by VC?), but 
rather at home, on a Raspberry Pi. No problem with remote ftp or even ssh if 
there is a need for it.

> So, if you were going to bother with LibreJS labels even for it, then, for 
> instance, Kalithea \[\], while not providing them 
> out of a box, might look like an easy target: its javascript, as far as I 
> see, are served in sources (except jQuery), static and with human-readable 
> labels already.

Thanks, kalithea sounds interesting. I'm too far into building the site with 
jekyll right now, but I'll definitely take a look on kalithea.

> > and at the same time the whole website appears to be (on the client
> > 
> > side) only static .html files.
> So there will be no any posting (commenting, etc) facilities for a random 
> visitor? Then you really do not need any ‘management system’ at all. Some 
> system for building HTML (plus CSS, plus RSS/Atom, plus whatever) from 
> sources (in Texinfo, Org, some simplified HTML, whatever else), that is so 
> called ‘static site generator’, would be enough.

I'd like to have commenting abilities for random visitors. While jekyll really 
is more of a 'static site generator', there are plugins for administration 
purposes, so that the "content" can be "managed" remotely through a 
webinterface (adding new posts for example). With login and all that jazz. 
There is also a plugin for allowing the commenting and discussion of posts, I'd 
like to include it at least in the future, maybe even right from the start. So 
the line between a simple static site generator and a full-blooded CMS begins 
to blur right about there.

> Indeed, Dr. Stallman was quite right by awarding that word combination with 
> his “prize for vacuity”:

Yes, the term CMS is indeed quite vague.

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