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Re: [Help-librejs] Avoiding the javascript Trap server-side

From: Igor Zobin
Subject: Re: [Help-librejs] Avoiding the javascript Trap server-side
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2018 02:47:59 -0500

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Am 8. März 2018 6:32 AM schrieb bill-auger <address@hidden>:

> On 03/07/2018 04:13 AM, Igor Zobin wrote:
> ... the CSS would
> simply declare an implication that whenever it happens to be the case
> that the mouse is pointed to some element that the element will also be
> blue; but the default color otherwise

thank you for pointing that out, this does sound like the cleaner, more elegant 
way of accomplishing this.

You are right that javascript is not something that was initially supposed to 
be part of the WWW, which initial purpose is probably best embodied by the 
Wikipedia and similar websites. However it is so widely used right now, that I 
consider it to be a necessary part in order to fully use the WWW. In and of 
itself javascript is not bad, if licensed correctly - an interpreted program 
distributed in source code does not sound like an ethical issue to me. It is 
however a dodgy way to add something on top of HTML and CSS which was not 
supposed to be there in the first place. Technically there might be better 
solutions, in theory. Practically it is there and it is everywhere and it is 
getting so complicated that it is impossible to study the source code, before 
allowing it's execution. This is why I find the concept of libreJS so important 
- automated checking of the license, if working correctly, would help a lot in 
such a situation. Even if it is experimental at best now, I'd like to know 
about it's state and at least make the life of it's early adopters easier on my 
personal tiny corner of the web.

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