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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] About rules.xml

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] About rules.xml
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 11:49:01 +0100

2009/1/15 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:
>> I been playing a bit with rules.xml. Attack/healing seems to happen
>> very fast with those values:
>>   <int key="fighter-attack" value="10000"/>
>>   <int key="fighter-defense" value="1000"/>
>>   <int key="fighter-new-health" value="10000"/>
>> But everything is slow here:
>>   <int key="fighter-attack" value="10"/>
>>   <int key="fighter-defense" value="1"/>
>>   <int key="fighter-new-health" value="10"/>
>> Compared to each other, the 3 values have the same proportions. So I
>> don't understand it. But as long as it works :-)
> You're perfectly right, the point is that (and this should, probably, be
> better documented) there's an absolute parameter which is the "maximum
> fighter health" and it is 10000. All other values are relative to this
> one. So a shiny healthy fighter has 10000 "health points". When it's
> attacked, "fighter-attack" points are taken from this total. When it's in
> defense mode, that is when fighters of the same color are packed and heal
> each other, then "fighter-defense" points are added to its health points
> total. When it reaches 10000, healing stops. When the health goes below 0
> (dead) then the fighter changes color, and its new health is
> "fighter-new-health".
> Given this, with your first parameters set, a fighter will change color in
> one round, at the very first attack. With the second parameters set, it
> will take 1000 cycles for a fighter to be dead and change color. Get it?

I think I understand -- "fighter-new-health" is simply the health of a
freshly converted fighter. I did notice "maximum fighter health", but
didn't give it much attention.

By the way, how much do the layer[2-6].png files slow down the game?
Is the slowdown just because the overlapping areas makes the total
play field larger, or is there more to it? With <flat
key="hidden-layer-alpha" value="1"/> I could use layers to fix that
fishy-level, but this might be, sorta, overkill.

Will it be possible to turn the bluring of the fighters on/off? I kind
of miss the pixels-moving-around look from LW5.

I found the menu system easy to use, but it was a bit confusing that
the menus all looked the same. I think there should be something that
at least made the main menu stand out visually. I could create some
illustrations for the menu background (texture.jpeg +
texture-alpha.jpeg). But now, the levels takes ½ sec to load in the
level submenu -- if illustrations would slow down the menu/submenus,
it wouldn't exactly improve the game.

 - Kasper

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