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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] About rules.xml

From: Kasper Hviid
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] About rules.xml
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 00:03:06 +0100

2009/1/28 Christian Mauduit <address@hidden>:
> Couldn't be implemented that way for many reasons, but I like the idea.

That's a shame. but at least the IDEA was good ... :-)

> How about setting up a WiKi to handle this kind of suggestion?
> The pros: fast-editing, immediate "share with others" facility.
> The cons: might be "overkill" for this, and introduice confusion by
> multiplying URLs (there's already the official docs, this list archives,
> the bug & request tracker on Savannah...)
> Just give me your feeling about this.

You mean a Wiki for LW game ideas? (I ask because I'm unsure if this
is exactly what you mean)

It is a bit of overkill right now, since the current LW development
team is rather small. But in the bright future when LW has a lot of
players, it could really come in handy. For players, it would be a
easier to just write some stuff in a wiki than to use a mailing list.
( I like the idea of doing as much as possible to invite potential
contributers to the project. One of  my non-submitted ideas was to
have a TODO list of possible improvements placed right inside the
game. Not worth the bother, but ...)

I have been looking a bit in the Help-liquidwar6 mailing list. It was
fun to see all that old stuff, but also kind of chaotic. One thing I
personally would like about a wiki is the ability to have some greater
overview of everything. What ideas do we have, which ones has
priority, etc.

One major drawback of the wiki idea is that it has be created. And ...
I can't be bothered, really. Don't get me wrong, the Liquid War
project means a lot to me, but I'm just not into tech stuff.

>> 1) A Liquid War player once suggested that the mouse curser should be
>> seperated from the curser inside the map. The mouse curser should
>> still move like a normal mouse curser. The in-game curser should be
>> some kind of bot, which moved by the shortest path towards the mouse
>> curser.
> Yeah, point is it introduces sort of complexity. You have a pointer which
> drags a cursor which in turn drags your fighters. This is typically the
> "developper stuff" which sounds nice but might confuse
> "non-liquidwar-specialists".

I did not considered that angle at all.You're right, everything should
be kept simple.

>> 2) I remember an old DOS game called Xquest. You moved a space ship
>> with the mouse, but the movement were very fluid. You could both move
>> your ship a few pixels, or several screen lengths, depending on how
>> fast you dragged your mouse. It felt like dragging the mouse simply
>> pushed the ship a bit in that direction.
>> Found a video of it:
> Need to check that.

BTW, I have been playing this game a whole lot in the past. The
movement felt pretty amazing. It was nothing like moving a mouse

 - Kasper

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