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Are there other tools?

From: Jochen Stärk
Subject: Are there other tools?
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 14:02:11 +0100
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Although I am used to the Gnu make for project management, sometimes I still 
it would be even better if I could use data structure like perl and even more 

The scons on is a build tool in Python. And if I am not 
there is also a build tool in Perl.

Except for the maturity of the Gnu make, are there any other advantages?
Sorry for the offensiveness.

Besides, if you mention alternate build tools, are there any tool which integrate make?

I mean I don't have any problem with ./configure&&make&&make install but I wonder if there is something that shows the progress in percent and keeps a database of which projects are installed? I know this is a domain of packes, package-managers and maybe even gentoo-packages, but the fact is there are not always RPM packes of the newest version, and I'd like to know if there are programs that really use pristine sources and "make" me a program with some additional features -- e.g. automatically detetects ./configure-options and lets me chose them in a menu or so. Or is this an automake question?

I really think make is great work, and I'm not so silly that I need such a tool to survive, but at the moment I do not even know how to call such a tool: i think it's definitely no package-manager (because a .tar.gz is not a package per se).


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