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RE: Enhancement of conditionals?

From: Shah, Bijal
Subject: RE: Enhancement of conditionals?
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 07:51:43 -0000

> %% "Shah, Bijal" <address@hidden> writes:
> The best I can think of for today is something like this:
>   FRED_0 = $(call xxx,xxx)
>   FRED_1 = $(call yyy,yyy)
>   FRED_2 = $(call zzz,zzz)
>     ...
>   ifndef FRED_PROCESS
>     $(error FRED = $(FRED) is not a valid value.)
>   endif

This isn't bad - it would work for most cases, but you might get readability issues. Certainly worth further investigation!

>   sb>    caseeq (variable)
> Mm.  I don't think this would be good.
> I'd be willing to add in an elseif keyword so you don't have to have
> nested endifs.

I think this would actually be the best compromise solution for now if Guile will be encorporated. It would improve the readability and maintainability for 3.8x makefiles.

> I don't want to add huge numbers of functions or preprocessor statements
> to make itself, because in a future release of GNU make you will have
> the option of linking it with Guile which will provide a fully capable
> scripting language for GNU make.
> I think it's better to reuse something that already exists rather than
> writing a brand new language that's not like anything else already out
> there.

I agree, though I have mixed feelings about a lisp-like [Scheme] language being the scripting language. I've used lisp in the dim and distant past and I've found many C/C++/Java programmers don't get to grips with it easily. It might prove to be more of a barrier to acceptance than expected. I don't know what others views on that are, however. I can't promote anything else at the moment either though.

Is a make incorporating scripting likely to be 4.00?


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