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Re: Enhancement of conditionals?

From: Noel Yap
Subject: Re: Enhancement of conditionals?
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 17:41:32 -0500

Boris Kolpackov wrote:
> > The meat of make is rule-based so I would think that replacing this with
> > a functional programming language would not be a good thing.
> I noticed that as a make-based build systems gets more elaborate
> the more and more code in makefiles is procedural rather than
> declarative (rules). Though I believe rules are the most important
> property of make.

I agree (although I'd say "imperitive" rather than "procedural").

> When I contemplated make-like inference system in lisp I didn't say
> I suggest to throw away rules. We should still have them:
> hello : hello.c
>         gcc -o $@ $<
> (defrule ("hello") ("hello.c")
>   "gcc -o $@ $<")
> Not as succinct but way more powerful.

I actually like the rule syntax the way they are.  It's very Prolog-like which 
may not be by coincidence.

I suppose all this may not matter depending upon how one language is embedded 
within the other.  One thing I really hate about the existing macro language is 
its behaviour with regards to line endings and white space.  I'm hoping the 
planned embedded Guile
will do away with this limitation.

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