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RE: Enhancement of conditionals?

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: RE: Enhancement of conditionals?
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 23:24:53 -0500

%% "Shah, Bijal" <address@hidden> writes:

  sb> I agree, though I have mixed feelings about a lisp-like [Scheme]
  sb> language being the scripting language. I've used lisp in the dim
  sb> and distant past and I've found many C/C++/Java programmers don't
  sb> get to grips with it easily. It might prove to be more of a
  sb> barrier to acceptance than expected.

That might be true, but Lisp is really a very good language for a make
scripting language, since much of make's behavior, at least in terms of
expansion of variables, etc. is somewhat Lisp-like already.

  sb> Is a make incorporating scripting likely to be 4.00? 

I don't know whether I'll bump the version to 4.00 for that or not.

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