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Help Line Text

From: address@hidden
Subject: Help Line Text
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 01:38:04 +0000 (UTC)

Dear all,

Is it possible to change the text in the two help lines at the bottom of the screen?

For example, I have rebound many shortcuts to what I am used to (what most GUI text editors and basically most other programs use):

- ^X for "Cut Text" ("Cut")
- ^V for "Paste Text" ("Paste")
- ^O for "Read File" ("Open")
- ^S for "Write Out" ("Save as")
- and so on...

However, it would make a better UX for me to see text which matches my rebound shortcuts, as shown above, not to mention that GNU nano is a text editor, so it is a bit redundant to mention that the shortcut will cut/paste "Text".

I have not spotted any such option in the .nanorc file. I hope it will not be necessary to edit the source and recompile, as that would be a pain. Perhaps the help line text could be changed in the .nanorc file in the future (feature request)?

Please allow me to get ahead of myself for a minute, but could a settings menu inside nano be a good idea? Would such a thing be implementable with ncurses, and be an interface to modify the .nanorc file? Perhaps changing exactly what appears in the help lines could be a nice feature, and maybe even reordering the shortcuts in the help lines could be useful?

Please correct me if I am wrong with anything here.

Thank you very much, indeed.
Have a great day!


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