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Re: Help Line Text

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: Help Line Text
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 14:18:45 +0100
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Op 22-02-2020 om 18:18 schreef address@hidden:
> the escape key cannot be rebound. Is there any way to make a workaround for 
> this?

The only way is: change the source code and recompile.

> I would like to bind the escape key to "Exit".

I hate it when <Esc> is a command, like in vim (to get out of insert mode).
When I want to give a command, I hold Ctrl and type the relevant letter.

> [...] I feel that, in the present year,
> striving for user-friendliness means using (or at least having the option to 
> use)
> a more "normal" keymap. Perhaps, even by default.

There is no chance that the default key bindings will change -- just imagine
how many hundreds of users would be outraged if any of nano's main keystrokes
that they have internalized during the past twenty years would change.

> I understand the .nanorc file is here, and works brilliantly for rebinding 
> keys
> and setting options. That works very well, but it is a faff to have to modify 
> a
> translation file to change the prompts to match your keybindings. It can be 
> quite
> jarring to see a keymap and prompts which do not match.

People who have become proficient with nano, just turn off the help lines
(set nohelp).  It gets rid of those two distracting lines that don't provide
any useful information any more, and adds two extra lines to the editing space.


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