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Re: Drawing several plots in one file

From: Henry F. Mollet
Subject: Re: Drawing several plots in one file
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:02:10 -0800
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I get one graph in AquaTerm using below statements and saved as pdf and eps
(see attached). Is it the plot you want?

octave:57> clear all
octave:58> t = 0:0.001:3;
octave:59> y = sin(10*t) ./ t;
octave:60> l = length(t);
octave:61> gset term aqua 0
octave:62> hold on;
octave:63> plot(t, y, ';;');
octave:64> stem(t(1:100:l), y(1:100:l),'bo;;');
error: `stem' undefined near line 64 column 1
octave:64> help stem
help: sorry, `stem' is not documented % downloaded stem from octave-forge
octave:66> stem(t(1:100:l), y(1:100:l),'bo;;');

on 2/26/04 11:42 AM, Jan Trmal at address@hidden wrote:

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> Hi all,
> can anybody help me with following problem? I need draw several functions into
> one graph and export in postscript and/or metapost. But when i set term to
> postscript, I get postscript file with several pages. I need just one page in
> that file with all functions graphs.
> Example: following octave script will produce file with three
> pages, but I need octave to produce the last pages into the file.
> close all;
> t = 0:0.001:3;
> y = sin(10*t) ./ t;
> l = length(t);
> gset term mp;
> gset output '../grafika/'
> hold on;
> plot(t, y, ';;');
> stem(t(1:100:l), y(1:100:l),'bo;;');
> hold off;
> Hope I had described it intelligibly.
> regards,
> Yenda
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